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Responsibilities of a fashion photographer - from concept to conception.Creating a photograph is a very exciting journey. Inspiration is all around us and there is no one right way to approach the creative process. There are however, many elements that are important to include in your workflow and I would like to discuss them here.The way an image looks is entirely up to you. On a fashion shoot you are pretty much responsible for everything. The number one job of a fashion photographer is to sell clothes and make them look amazing.There an inside look at some of today’s most elusive and exclusive subjects through the lens of renowned celebrity photographer and Vogue and Vanity Faircontributor Michael P Thompson. Thompson's first US exhibition represents the brilliant range and quality of his thirty-year career one of the world's most successful fashion and portrait photographers, whose images are noted for their freshness and intimacy. Michael P Thompson has been recognized by publications such as Communications Arts and Studio for his creative excellence. Michael P Thompson does not confine himself within the static walls of a fixed studio location, but rather travels nationally to create outstanding photographs for his clients, you will feel as though you have stepped into the pages of one of today’s most entertaining and spectacular fashion magazines.Unlike many "film burners" hoping to get 1 out of 36 pictures correct, Thompson  consistently produces quality exposures to meet the needs of his clients without wasted film and numerous shoots. All of Thompson's work is guaranteed by Michael P Thompson himself, ensuring complete satisfaction for his clients.


Founded in 1986, Universal 1 Productions is the corporate engine that carries Michael P Thompson to America's brightest clients. As CEO, Michael P Thompson ensures that all of the  assets are utilized to produce the quality images demanded by today's top clients.


Working in the entertainment industry since 1974, Michael P Thompson has a unique perspective of the industry and what it takes to be successful in it.  During this time, Michael P Thompson has developed an extensive "insiders" network of contacts in this elite entertainment industry. Michael P Thompson"s creative talent, technical expertise, contact base, and Connections' resources make him the source to rely on for all of your fashion and commercial photography needs.


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